“Everything I know I learned from dogs.” – Nora Roberts


I owe my whole photography business to my dog. He is the reason I purchased my first camera, he is my perfect model, and my goodest boy. 

We are so lucky to have our dogs in our lives, and what better way to show that they are an integral part of your family then by beautiful portraits that showcase their beautiful selves. 


Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole






If you are interested in having your furry bestie photographed, get in touch! Tell me a little about your furry love, what you love about them and bonus points for a funny story you remember 

Once your booking is finalised, I'll be in touch to organise your pre-session consultation. This is where we go through everything for your session, ensuring its tailored specifically to you and your dog. We'll discuss locations and timings as well as end goals of how you wish to display your images. 

SHOOT DAY! This is the fun part. I aim for all my sessions to be fun and stress-free as that is the perfect way to capture your dog's personality and character. After your session, I take you images to post production where many days are spent carefully working on every inch of your images to create something truly iconic and unique. 

This is where I invite you to my studio to revel the images from your shoot. You will be shown a slideshow of your images where you will be able to see your beautiful pet on the large screen for the first time. From there, I will guide you through the process of designing your own custom wall art pieces to turn your pets into pieces of art. 

Your chosen artwork is passed to our printing partners, located here in the UK, where they hand print, hand varnish, hand make and hand frame your artwork to our exacting standards on request. They then package the piece and deliver it with great care to us, here in Aberdeenshire. Once I've checked the piece, you will be invited back to the studio to collect your artwork, or we can make arrangements for it to be delivered to you. 


✦ Pre-session consultation
✦ Choice of location*
✦ Up to 1 hour photograph session
✦ Viewing and purchasing appointment 
✦ 3 high resolution images shown during your viewing session, available to download from an online gallery

TOY collection


✦ Pre-session consultation
✦ Choice of location*
✦ Up to 1 hour photograph session
✦ Viewing and purchasing appointment 
✦ 6 high resolution images shown during your viewing session, available to download from an online gallery
✦ 6 mounted 8x6" prints from your chosen images, presented within a personalised print box (available in multiple colours) 

Hound collection


✦ Pre-session consultation
✦ Choice of location*
✦ Up to 1 hour photograph session
✦ Viewing and purchasing appointment 
✦ 10+ high resolution images shown during your viewing session, available to download from an online gallery 
✦ Ten mounted 8x6" prints from your chosen images
✦ Complimentary artwork design 
✦ High resolution HD slideshow with all your images 



Every session is tailored to your dog’s personality and needs, generally taking place during a walk where your dog is relaxed and having fun. Our aim is to have fun and capture images you will treasure for a life time.
im always up for an adventure whether we are off exploring the majestic beauty of Aberdeenshire countryside, or the the grittier side of Aberdeen with those hip urban dogs. Studio sessions also available

To reserve your appointment, we only require an £99 BOOKING FEE, WHICH IS CREDITED TOWARDS YOUR CHOSEN PACKAGE

Full pricing and packages are below!

* Some locations may incur an additional travel cost. 

A: Dog photography sessions typically involve capturing candid and posed shots of your dog in various settings. I'll work to capture your dog's personality and unique traits, using props, treats, and toys to keep their attention.


A: Your pet portrait photo sessions can take place in a location of your choice or if you book a studio session, then in my studio in Peterhead. 
Popular outdoor locations include: the Ugie Beach, Peterhead, and Aden Park, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire
If you wish to go further afield, please discuss this with me as an additional travel cost may incur. 


A: Unfortunately, Scotland does offer its fair share of bad weather. Rest assured, I will monitor the weather conditions leading up to your photography session. If the weather takes a turn for the worst and the session has to be cancelled, the shoot will be re-scheduled at a convenient time, acceptable by both the photographer and the client.

Q:What if the weather is bad? 

A: Ensure your dog is well-rested and has had some exercise before the session. Grooming and cleaning them up is also recommended. Bringing their favourite treats or toys can help keep their attention during the shoot. Practice makes perfect, so continue working on their sit and stay and lie down. 

Q: how should i prepare my dog for the session?

A: I'm a huge believer that less is more. And in this case, I try to avoid collars, harnesses and leads. Please don't feel like you need to take anything specific unless it has sentimental value. Familiar toys or blankets can also make your dog feel more at ease.

Q: What should my dog wear or bring to the session?

A: The choice is yours. When the session is outdoors, I am trying to catch the dog in its natural environment, sometimes they run through puddles and get a bit mucky, sometimes they don’t But it’s always nice to start off with a clean dog

Q: Does my dog need to be groomed before the session?

No problem at all, it’s for this reason that I take so many, at least one of them will work. If all else fails, we simply put the dog on a lead and I edit the lead out in post production.

I'm e experienced in working with all kinds of dogs. I have tricks to get your dog's attention and can adapt to their behaviour. Patience is key, and breaks can be incorporated to help your dog relax.

Q: my dog never sits still long enough, would you still be able to get nice pictures of them? 

A: Your £99 booking fee includes your pre-session consultation, your photography session, post production of your images and your viewing and ordering  appointment. No digital images or products are included. The £99 is credited towards your chosen package, chosen during your viewing and ordering appointment. 

Q: what is included in the booking fee?

A: Editing is normally complete within 10 working days from the shoot. At the end of your session, I'll organise a date with you for your viewing and ordering appointment. Your photos will be ready to view on this date. 

Q: when can i see the images from my session?

A: Your viewing and ordering appointment is when you get to see your images for the first time. After your newborn session, we will schedule a date that works for you all to come back to the studio to view your images on the big screen. This is my favourite part of our journey together. I get to see first hand how much you love the photographs, and I am there to help you make any decisions on your chosen image collection and how you will display your photographs in your home. 

All decision makers should be present within the appointment and payment for your chosen collection should be made during this time before any images are released. Pay in three options are available. Please just ask for more information. 

Q: What is a viewing and ordering appointment?

Frequently Asked Questions

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